Trish's Race Photos

These are a few of my photos. The quality had to suffer a little to load a little faster on-line. I have made this section into a few pages, also for faster load. Check back often for more, since this is just a start and they all need to be scanned. Hope you enjoy them.

Sears Pont Raceway Start/Finish into Turn 1


Rusty & Don Miller with "MY" Wagon

Rusty Wallace & Don Miller gawking over "My" wagon.


Cheap shot of my autographed "Rusty" wagon.


Rusty runs Petty off the track

Sears Point coming into Turn 2, Rusty forces (legally) Richard Petty off the road.
What an action shot, huh?

Petty aftermath

And...the aftermath.

Rusty at Sears Point

Rusty coming into Turn 2 at Sears Point.


Phoenix Internation Raceway

Phoenix International Raceway starting lineup.
(what is on my lens?)

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